Deborah Valentine


Crime Fiction

Fine Distinctions Atlantic editionFine Distinctions

Ex-policeman Kevin Bryce now lives in Ireland with the sculptress Katharine Craig. Their relationship is turbulent and Bruce is having trouble adjusting to life abroad. Following a row, Katharine disappears. The next day Bryce hears that her car has been found abandoned with bloodstains on the seat. Could this be connected to activities of Vox, a psychotic IRA renegade now on the loose? Bryce and the Irish police embark on a desperate search for Katharine.

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PaperbackCollectorA Collector of Photographs

San Francisco artist Roxanne Gautier’s startling paintings of male prostitutes has set off shock waves throughout the art world—and in her personal life as well. When Taylor Adams, her favourite model, commits suicide—or so it appears—her husband is frightened she may be connected with the death. Could ex-policeman Kevin Bryce investigate the matter discreetly?

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unorthodoxUnorthodox Methods

The Lake Tahoe community has been hit by a series of art thefts. Popular local counselor Jonathan Craig privately admits to Kevin Bryce of the Placer County Sheriff’s department that he is the thief.
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